Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vocabulary - What I learned today

Hey folks ,
Here are some words along with their meaning and some synonyms to boost up your vocabulary, Now i am no grammar nazi but i am posting this because i read somewhere on stumble upon (great site should definitely check out - that you remember only 10% of what you learn, unless you teach it to someone else (say your buddy) then you'll be able to remember the 90% (almost) of what you've learned new.
My blog is no million dollar blog , still i tend to do this exercise to improve my vocabulary and to remember other stuff also.

The Words :

1. Abash :  It means to make someone feel embarrassed.
Synonyms for abash are : remorseful , humiliated , confounded

2. Abridge : It means to shorten
Synonyms for abridge are : shorten itself is a synonym , truncate , lessen , trim , crop , clip , prune

3. Abstain : Means to hold back (someone/something)
Synonyms for abstain are : restrain , to hold back (the meaning itself is a synonym phrase)

4. Angry : Now the meaning of angry may be known to all but its synonyms might not be so famous
angry means furious or in a state of anger.
Synonyms are : acrimonious , bitter , acid , devastating (the last 3 words can be substituted for anger in some cases)
some other words that can be also used with anger (or instead of anger in some cases)
Incisive : Means (to do something) knowingly/intelligently

5. Acrid : Meaning sharply or strongly (synonyms : sharp - acute)
synonyms : pungent , critical

6. Adorn : to decorate or to ornament

7. Adroit : it means skillful
synonym : adept (not adapt)

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