Saturday, August 9, 2014

The First post ladies and gentlemen ! Commend me master :p

I've been thinking about writing a blog from a long time , no solid reason just for fun and also to share what i have and what i pursue. Currently i am attending classes for IELTS which stands for International English Language Test(or Testing) System, as i am planning to study in Canada.

I'll post whatever I've learned new during the day (well almost everyday) or what i find amazing as well as amusing. I am also working on my vocabulary as i have a limited one. I will also be posting some videos on how-to and stuff as i also play CS:GO casually(or some may argue professionally). I consider my-self an above average CS:GO player- current rank is DMG (Distinguished Master Guardian). This is the first day and i am pretending like i have millions of followers and posting this as someone's gonna read it :D Haha !

Cheers to Life !

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