Sunday, February 1, 2015

RTS: Reason To Smile

Hey there my readers (If there are any :p),
It's been ages since I've wrote something on this damn cool blog of mine;So,I decided that today's the day to get something going on.

Now, I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from my home i.e. India, here in Toronto,Canada; still I get some moments of happiness, mere blinks sometimes - that give me immense joy and put a smile on my face no matter what I am doing or where I am at.I call them my RTS; my Reason To Smile.

Laughing already?! See that's now your RTS, your Reason To Smile. I know that I am no Chetan Bhagat or Deepak Chopra type motivation/ultra-famous "Know Thyself" kinda world renown writer or something,still I believe in my RTS(yeah Shakespeare here :p). If you too, share this message then.

This past Thursday, when I was returning from my college(yes, I go to one); I stopped at Lawrence Avenue Walmart to get some stuff and while I was returning it started snowing, and I mean really hard snowing, was like someone just shook that glass bowl filled with snow and all you could see is white snow tearing down from the sky.In that moment of time, I felt happy, I felt calm and I was smiling (literary). I also didn't know that just little ice/water can make someone happy, yeah people were cursing about it saying "Damn it started again" but whatever, That was my RTS.

Have Fun guys !