Monday, August 11, 2014

CS:GO - how to bet on

NOTE: If you already know how to bet , then this is not for you

Hey there folks ,Today i'm gonna write about how to bet your skins on csgolounge. Now i know that it's pretty simple and no big deal still i get asked at least once in a week by someone that they play cs go and shit and they want to know how to bet their skins like everyone else does. So, now you can post this link to anyone who asks you please teach me how to bet ! (Yeah - commend me master :p)

Now on csgolounge you need to sign in with your steam id. After that go to your profile in csgolounge and you will find trade url link. To add your trade url from steam go to your inventory in steam by profile - > inventory. Then go to trade offers and in trade offers go to who can send me trade offers section. In that section you'll be able to find your trade url, just copy and paste that in csgolounge your profile. Voila you're done.

Now i have put some pics of how-to and stuff still if you don't get how to bet , just comment your problem.
Also i know this is pretty simple stuff still some people might not find it such easy so i am trying to help, because i didn't find any 'basic' guide to bet except some youtube videos. 

Pics :

Cheers !

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