Monday, June 15, 2015

GOT Season Finale Thoughts and Take-aways [ spoiler alert ]

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It's been some time since I've written something, guess that's me. I am working out to balance my schedule to get more time to blog, cause it's really the one thing i like.

So here we are, with the end of another sensational season finale for the Game of Thrones T.V. Series season 5. To be honest, I was not a huge GOT fanboy till 2015, I just started watching it couple of months ago and here I am, the ultimate fan of GOT out there in the universe. My love for the series might me exaggerated, but believe me this is something you gotta watch.

Some spoiler alert before you proceed forward, If you haven't watched GOT s05e10, please do not proceed forward, and if you haven't watch GOT at all, my friend start ASAP.

Here're 5 take-aways and thoughts on this season's finale.

1. No matter how good and wise you are, sometimes we make some mistakes out of desperation or sometimes due to someone else's deceitful deceptions, we don't think straight and do the most terrible of things that we might regret in the future. This is in reference with Stannis, how he got lead into the craft of the red woman, not only he burned his daughter furthermore he did what he knew wasn't the right thing to do, still leading the army of his to winterfell and letting them die. He surely was a wise man, but fell for trickery and caused the massacre for others.

2. How a little girl, bold yet immature, can become a fierce assassin and murder his enemy in cold blood. Arya is an example of great courage, patience and the will to achieve anything in the world. She really proves nothing is impossible by killing Meryn Trant the kingsguard.

3. How your past can haunt you in unanticipated situation. Daenerys is the example of it. In the glory of the moment, she flew on her dragon so far, that in a distant land away from her home, his past deeds ( not necessarily bad) came to haunt her. She is now surrounded by thousands of dothrakis and face an uncertain future.

4. Once a queen and used to live in the elegant castles with all the luxury, Cersei now had to face the implications of her past deeds ( of course bad). She had to face the walk of atonement and the shame that comes with it. I sometimes wonder how much power the common man has in this modern time, seeing this reminds me that the common man, the many, if stand against the few they fear, surely they can do anything.

5. This really breaks my heart. How trust can kill you, proving that the real enemy might not be the one you loathe and hate, it can be any person near you that you don't know about who loathes and hates you.'valar morghulis' - All men must die, some die in vain, some die for vain, and some do not die even after they're dead, they live among the hearts of others. While Jon made a hard decision of saving wildlings for the watch's sake and in a hope that by doing such they might stand a change against the huge army of white-walkers, he was betrayed by his own men.

And as usual anything can happen on Game Of Thrones. Anything.
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