Sunday, June 21, 2015

CS:GO betting guide: How to not lose money - Part 1

Hello there people,
I'm back with yet another interesting article on how to bet for CS:GO matches on lounge and minimize your loss :P
This is a two part guide, first part is pretty much about some general rule for betting and some advice. The second part will be more core part (coming up next week) on how to analyze significance of a match and whether to bet on it or not. Things like which match to bet for, how much do you wanna bet and much more will be discussed in that part. So, Here are some general rules about betting overall and with respect to CS:GO of course, please be advised that to really understand the underlying foundation of CS:GO betting, this part is really necessary.

1. Prepare to lose

Yes, you heard it right. There's no secret over here. If you're jumping into betting, there will be risk and you might end up losing up to $240 (max-bet) or more if you're betting from multiple account. Bet only the stuff that you can afford to lose. I once lost a 90%-10% match, losing $100 on the 90% team whose name remains anonymous (Damn you VP :P - just kidding big fan).

2. There's no safe bet

Again to go with the first rule, there's no match that is safe to bet. You can't underestimate a 5% underdog team out against NIP. The other team can really get the momentum and win against the 95% proportion team, specially on LAN this has happened in the past. So, I'd be very careful in betting for such scenarios as 90% - 10% matches.

3. Anything can happen in CS:GO

It's hard to digest but believe me anything can happen in CS:GO, literally anything. I've seen match where a team would come back from ashes and crush the other team to win the match in third overtime or so. So be prepared to be amazed.

4. Never bet on NA matches

Trust me, once you're into betting, you'll say the same to me after some time. It is clear to me as ice that NA teams sometimes throw for skins (not saying that EU teams don't), so my thumb rule is not to bet on these matches. No offense to NA scene, I live in Canada and am very proud to be a part of the CS:GO fan base here but I would ''never'' bet on any NA matches.
(NA = North America)

5. Go with your gut feeling

I am not saying that never listen to anyone else's comment or advice for betting purpose, I am just suggesting to go with the team you really think is gonna win. Sometimes gut feelings are true and even if you lose some money, still you wouldn't feel remorse cause you really believed in them and/or the team tried really hard. Listen to your heart at the same time predicting the winning team with your brain. Don't blindly follow any team in betting but at least consider what you feel about the match.

That's pretty much it for this introductory part, more in-depth information incoming next week.
Till next time...
- Faizan

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