Saturday, October 18, 2014

Steelseries Kinzu v3 arrived, review soon!

Hey there girls and guys,

Today I got my Kinzu v3 which i ordered from IPMART site. I was  a little skeptical about their delivery method and shipping but after all , nothing bad happened and all went smooth as silk. As i am attending my niece's marriage from Monday, you can expect the review somewhat next weekend.

HF !

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Top 3 reasons to get an M4A1-S Knight FN over your M4A1-S Master Piece MW Right now!

Hey there folks,
I am back with yet another interesting article for CS:GO enthusiasts, it's been some time since I've written something about the game or related so. Here I'll mention top 3 reasons to get a Factory New M4 silenced Knight (The Cobblestone Collection) over M4 Silenced Master Piece Minimal Wear (If you have one) - or just in case you've some dollar to spend go for the Knight instead of  Master Piece.

1. AWP | Dragon Lore
The prime or main reason behind the rarity of the M4 Knight is the AWP Dragon Lore from the same Cobblestone collection. Seeming little stupid but there are people who intend to sacrifice $1000 valued 10 M4 Knight for the precious Dragon Lore. Considering this the price will increase faster than Master Piece.

2. Pro Players
Believe it or not, all most all (at least the ones I've seen) PRO players who use M4 Silenced are currently using the Knight as their weapon of choice. NIP f0rest, VP Neo, Na'vi Guardian are some of the examples. The point here is that crazy fan-boys who tend to follow such players will try to acquire 
the Knight as soon as possible or at least some of them will do so surely.

3. FN > MW (For the same price)
The last and most convincing point, hey man after all the bullshit you're getting a Factory New Exterior gun for a Minimal Wear one. Now this might sound no big deal right now as the prices are almost same for the two and Knight MW is way too expensive, think this as you're getting the same Knight MW just the FN exterior for lesser fortune. Note that price being exaggerated of MW knight due to less quantity (6 to be precise at the moment) the price of the FN model will soon increase beyond MW - as the quantity will decrease. I had purchased one Master Piece MW for myself for $92 previously and traded it plus an Atomic Alloy MW ($10) for the Knight FN, so All and all paid around $100 for the skin which in my opinion is genuine price considering the rarity. 

Happy Trading! Have Fun.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to buy something worth more than RS.50K or so Online!

Hey there folks,
Today I'm going to talk about how to buy something more than Rs.50,000 or like so (i.e. Macbook Air) from an online store or a site. The reason you can't generally buy such things with a debit or ATM card is the daily usage limit of the card which limits the card to several thousand rupees per card (depends on the bank and type of card also). Also you can't use multi debit cards for single purchase, at least not on Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. There are some solutions to this and some fixes also, I will talk about some of them...

1. EntroPay / PayPal
You can always use PayPal or EntroPay or Skrill or some other gateways or payment processors, first load them with multiple cards and then use the pre-loaded balance to spend upon the product you want to buy.

2. Credit cards/ Pre-paid cards
Unable to exceed the limit of the debit card however doesn't apply over credit or pre-paid cards, just use such cards to buy anything.

3. Net Banking
Another great option to buy costly stuff online is to use Net-banking as a payment option. Almost all banks offer nearly Rs.3,00,000 per day limits, so need not to worry(Unless you decide to buy Mahindra Scorpio Online - can't help you).

So, there you go these 3 options will definitely help you out to buy anything online, if you still find any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact me or mail me or message me.
Have Fun.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ordered Steelseries Kinzu v3

Hello bros and gals,

I've been a fan of the flagship basic gaming mice of the Steelseries brand, SS Kinzu(and Razer Deathadder-which I am currently using [ CLG edition ] ). I've used v1 and v2 of the mice and greatly looking forward to use the version 3 of the same. The original Kinzu optical or V1 had some positive acceleration and V2 of the mouse had some tracking issue with color mousepad. Steelseries has put a new  AVAGO 3050 sensor in it , which is quite an old one but has stable performance and polling rates. I'd give my thoughts once i receive the mouse, stay tuned.
Site used to buy : IPMART
Payment mode : Credit Card
Price : $35 for mouse $35 for Express Shipping.