Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ordered Steelseries Kinzu v3

Hello bros and gals,

I've been a fan of the flagship basic gaming mice of the Steelseries brand, SS Kinzu(and Razer Deathadder-which I am currently using [ CLG edition ] ). I've used v1 and v2 of the mice and greatly looking forward to use the version 3 of the same. The original Kinzu optical or V1 had some positive acceleration and V2 of the mouse had some tracking issue with color mousepad. Steelseries has put a new  AVAGO 3050 sensor in it , which is quite an old one but has stable performance and polling rates. I'd give my thoughts once i receive the mouse, stay tuned.
Site used to buy : IPMART
Payment mode : Credit Card
Price : $35 for mouse $35 for Express Shipping.

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