Monday, December 22, 2014

Disclosure : General and Important information.

Hello there, this is a personal bio-data for the sole purpose to rent an apartment or condo in the City of Toronto and/or nearby areas to Humber college,Lakeshore Campus.
This post includes all information about me ... (Well, almost all :p)

  • Name : Faizan Fakir
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 22
  • Nationality : Indian  [Currently living in India too]
  • Religion : Muslim 
  • Region : Gujarati
  • Marital status : Single [Never married]
  • Education : B.E. [IT] - Engineering in Information Technology. - with Distinction, Zero backlogs
  • Profession : None [Previous : Semi-Professional/Professional gamer, Have worked as Computer Support Technician]
  • Purpose of moving to Canada : Further education.
  • Food preference : Any [Veg. / Non-veg.]
  • Roommate preference : None [I am comfortable with any person of any age,gender,country and of any profession]
  • Smoke/Drink : Non-smoker , non-alcoholic [I don't mind any person that smoke/drink]
  • Internet preference : I would use my own internet connection if possible, I may not share my internet to anyone, as I was/am a gamer and technical details as Ping/Latency,speed and bandwidth matter a lot in gaming. If I am not gaming, anyone is welcome to use my connection.
  • Medical problems : None
  • Physical disabilities : None
  • Preference of environment : Clean,quiet,cozy and comfortable
  • Preference of amenities : Bathroom , Kitchen (personal/shared), Laundry (optional), Nearby transit (optional), Bed, Table (optional - I also can buy my own to share with the house)
  • Duration of stay : Well, if I find a good and affordable place to stay, I am not looking to move until JAN 2016 (can sign all legal paper work), or if asked to move by the land lord.I will respect the land lord's decision for the duration of stay
  • Other : I've previously been to Canada in the year 2013, as a student in International Experience Program hosted by GTU,Ahmadabad and Laurentian University,Sudbury.

    Here I've listed almost all thing a person would wanna know before making me their tenant, if you want to know more or anything else apart from this, feel free to contact me.

Contact information :
Facebook :
e-mail :
STEAM : faizisxxx
Phone : +91 9909999175