Monday, August 18, 2014

ESL One Gold trophy received !

Sunday, August 17, 2014

ESL Pick'em Gold coin BeyBeh !

ESL One CS:GO major finals correct prediction for $100,000

Guess i am better at prediction and got an ESL gold coin, here are my predictions .
Actually i intentionally delayed the prediction cause i feared that revealing them before and not getting then correct kind of stuff ... guess i was wrong .
Soon be updating that gold coin post. Stay tuned .
HF !

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quarter finals predictions ESL One Cologne CS:GO championship .

Sorry for late post but i guessed 3 out of 4 matches correctly !
Semis and final predictions coming soon, stay tuned !

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ESL Cologne Day 2 Pick'em up challenge !

Here's basically a screenshot of what i believe the winners of the day two of the ESL tournament.
Have Fun !

Monday, August 11, 2014

CS:GO - how to bet on

NOTE: If you already know how to bet , then this is not for you

Hey there folks ,Today i'm gonna write about how to bet your skins on csgolounge. Now i know that it's pretty simple and no big deal still i get asked at least once in a week by someone that they play cs go and shit and they want to know how to bet their skins like everyone else does. So, now you can post this link to anyone who asks you please teach me how to bet ! (Yeah - commend me master :p)

Now on csgolounge you need to sign in with your steam id. After that go to your profile in csgolounge and you will find trade url link. To add your trade url from steam go to your inventory in steam by profile - > inventory. Then go to trade offers and in trade offers go to who can send me trade offers section. In that section you'll be able to find your trade url, just copy and paste that in csgolounge your profile. Voila you're done.

Now i have put some pics of how-to and stuff still if you don't get how to bet , just comment your problem.
Also i know this is pretty simple stuff still some people might not find it such easy so i am trying to help, because i didn't find any 'basic' guide to bet except some youtube videos. 

Pics :

Cheers !

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gaming Eye-Wears - Gunnars

So this is a review/analysis type of post which is for the gunnar eye wear that i have , the Interceptor RED.
I bought it on my birthday (15 April - YaY !) , just to try them out as i read some blogs and saw some pro players using it all the time. So, I thought why not give it a shot, and bought them for Rs.3999/-
Buy from: Flipkart - for India and Amazon  for rest of the world(well almost).

So about some Pros and Cons about them what i found using them for so long ....


  • Really useful if you spend more time on your PC (around 6-8 hours a day)
  • Pretty comfortable , i don't have any problem wearing my gaming headsets.
  • Does improve your vision , it 'zooms' the vision slightly.
  • Pale yellow shade color is hardly noticeable after some time.
  • Good build quality and packaging , i almost tore the package to open them.
  • Helps reduce eye fatigue and eye strain , no more red eyes 
  • I can play for hours on my PC without hurting my eyes
  • Some people may not like pale yellow shades
  • No proper storing case has been provided (at least with my model)

This may not be the best suitable version of gunnar for you , find your own at :
Have Fun !

Vocabulary - What I learned today

Hey folks ,
Here are some words along with their meaning and some synonyms to boost up your vocabulary, Now i am no grammar nazi but i am posting this because i read somewhere on stumble upon (great site should definitely check out - that you remember only 10% of what you learn, unless you teach it to someone else (say your buddy) then you'll be able to remember the 90% (almost) of what you've learned new.
My blog is no million dollar blog , still i tend to do this exercise to improve my vocabulary and to remember other stuff also.

The Words :

1. Abash :  It means to make someone feel embarrassed.
Synonyms for abash are : remorseful , humiliated , confounded

2. Abridge : It means to shorten
Synonyms for abridge are : shorten itself is a synonym , truncate , lessen , trim , crop , clip , prune

3. Abstain : Means to hold back (someone/something)
Synonyms for abstain are : restrain , to hold back (the meaning itself is a synonym phrase)

4. Angry : Now the meaning of angry may be known to all but its synonyms might not be so famous
angry means furious or in a state of anger.
Synonyms are : acrimonious , bitter , acid , devastating (the last 3 words can be substituted for anger in some cases)
some other words that can be also used with anger (or instead of anger in some cases)
Incisive : Means (to do something) knowingly/intelligently

5. Acrid : Meaning sharply or strongly (synonyms : sharp - acute)
synonyms : pungent , critical

6. Adorn : to decorate or to ornament

7. Adroit : it means skillful
synonym : adept (not adapt)

CS:GO settings and set-launch options

Cross-hair style : Classic static with dot 
Cross-hair size : 5 
Gap : 0 
Thickness : 1.25 
Sensitivity : 1.6 
Zoom sensitivity : 0.79 

Video : All settings low, some medium. 
Resolution : 1024x768 with black bars 
Set launch : -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforce
mspd -freq 120 -threads 8 -novid -tickrate 128 

The First post ladies and gentlemen ! Commend me master :p

I've been thinking about writing a blog from a long time , no solid reason just for fun and also to share what i have and what i pursue. Currently i am attending classes for IELTS which stands for International English Language Test(or Testing) System, as i am planning to study in Canada.

I'll post whatever I've learned new during the day (well almost everyday) or what i find amazing as well as amusing. I am also working on my vocabulary as i have a limited one. I will also be posting some videos on how-to and stuff as i also play CS:GO casually(or some may argue professionally). I consider my-self an above average CS:GO player- current rank is DMG (Distinguished Master Guardian). This is the first day and i am pretending like i have millions of followers and posting this as someone's gonna read it :D Haha !

Cheers to Life !